Love This Season

Hey fans,

Love This Season FinalWe are really excited to announce the new release of an amazing song with Bar1’s Big Break 2013 winner, Jerome Matthews Jr. called “Love This Season”. A great holiday tune to add to your collection. This song is fully equip with all the right tools to keep you in a holiday cheerful spirit this season.

We are very grateful for the pleasure to have worked with such great talent such as Jerome. From the first day we started on the song together, there was magic via Google+. Yup, we said it. Google+ is what allowed us to start this wonderful tune all the way to it’s completion. Nothing beats the feeling of sharing awesome creative thoughts in the same studio, but we managed to get it done anyway through video chat.

The brilliance behind the music was created for something else. WOOOOOOOH WOOH, hold on a sec! What you just say?

Yup, this tune was composed early 2012 by KJeih for another artist in Chicago. This artist particular created a good name for themselves. However, we should have known the outcome of this situation. We were upset at first because our emails weren’t being replied to, but we got over it quick. We learned that timing is everything. It’s awesome to know that the music behind our friend Jerome was created almost two years prior to recording.

Want to hear something even more awesome? What if we told you that this tune was recording less than 8 hours? We presented this song to Jerome the first day and later that evening he had the lyrics written and recorded. Our deadline was less than 24 hours away which pushed it. Not to mention it had to be mixed and mastered which was another process of its own. Then our good buddy Johnny Barber from My Mix Engineer jumped on the band wagon and mixed and mastered it so perfectly. We had a blast creating this tune and hope you love it too.


You can purchase this tune several ways. We will give you two:




Happy Holidays!