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Let’s talk about Studio One 4 Sample One XT

As you know, Studio One 4 has been on the market for a while now. It’s the latest update as of this post. If you remember Sample One from Studio One 3.0 and earlier, you know this has taken a tremendous design overhaul. The new design is tailored better for today’s modern style of creating music. For instants the trap music world has taken this nation by storm and unless you are making fast beats in DAWs such as FL Studio, Ableton Live, or Logic Pro you were forced to be super creative. Although Studio One is super cool to use when creating music, they just simply was not optimized for this purpose. This is coming from someone who’s been using Studio One for Music Production, Mixing, and Mastering for over 5 years now. I sort of found myself resorting back to Logic Pro for many musical reasons in order to move forward quickly in my post production work. But Studio One was always the preferred choice for the final mix, master, and exporting in several formats that included meta-data information embed into the file.

Presonus is doing an great job molding Studio One to support people who love making music like myself. It would be a great day when I can use S1 for all my production needs.