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We are proud to announce a new way to be discovered.

SounddOUT Your Music!

Our goal is to discover new and unique beats/ tracks thru our YouTube channel each week. If you got a dope beat, let’s hear?? it. Any style music is welcome. It’s our way of checking you out and connecting with more talented people.

Send your direct music links to [email protected] along with your producer, artist name and where you can be found (social links, website, etc.). We prefer direct links to soundcloud, bandcamp, etc. otherwise we will pick something random. If you need to send a mp3, we will play it anyways but no wav files.




If you do not have sample clearance for chopping popular copyright music, we like to stay away from it. Don’t want our channel shut down for this. Royalty free samples are ok.

Keep in mind, we will be live publicly. The live stream videos are archived each episode. We will not be responsible for the theft of your music, so make sure it’s protected. Send your music at your own risk.

We will announce the beat maker/ producer then play your music up to 1 min and give a chance for audience reaction. Sounds good? Let’s do this.

Tell all your friends it’s going down next Friday February 10, 2017. Get heard across the world.