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Enjoy a good read on our mixing techniques with acoustic instruments using Logic Pro X.

When approaching a mix, we are not pros at this at all. We do know a thing or two however. A clean mix is always the ultimate goal in the long run. Starting out clean helps keep the declutter at a minimum. It is always important to help make the job easy for the mix engineer. Never send a project to a mix guy with any audio channels labeled “audio”. That’s a huge NO NO. You do want your project to come out smooth and clean as possible right? If you said no, we don’t believe you.

Inside of Logic Pro X we are utilizing colors and rearranging instruments according to taste. Your taste may be different from ours but the concept is the same. Below is a video breakdown as to how we would prepare a song for the mixing process.

The Mix

In this video we spent some time showing you how we mix a Gospel song that was recorded using acoustic instruments. Most of the time you would see something like this mixed using ProTools. Not this time. We think Logic Pro X is as good as the other music softwares used. Check out the video below and see how we do.

We found an issue

After the mix, we found a problem frequency in the drums. Where exactly did we find this problem?How did we attack this problem? Wellll… We used a simple technique with Logic’s stock EQ. Want to see how we did? Check it out below.

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