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Ever wanted to learn how to make a beat in Maschine?

Trust us, there is a bunch of people like you. There are many blogs and videos floating on the internet today about how to use Native Instruments Maschine. Our goal is not to replicate what was already done. Our goal is to honestly help you understand how the Maschine works. Our teaching technique allows you to digest the knowledge in a way that feels good, said our several YouTube viewers. We can not make this stuff up. No worries, you’re in good hands.

Learning is always fun with us. ??

In our course, we guide you from the point of turning on your Maschine to exporting your song to your clients. You like using effects? No problem. Some of our viewers ask if we can show how to use the Maschine as a plugin in a DAW. Demonstration granted. Note: We chose to demonstrate this in Studio One 3, but the conscpt remains the same for any DAW that supports third party plugins.

Learning Maschine

Learn how to make a beat in Maschine
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