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Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day Sale

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Mixing Techniques with Acoustic Instruments

Mixing Techniques with Acoustic Instruments

Enjoy a good read on our mixing techniques with acoustic instruments using Logic Pro X.

When approaching a mix, we are not pros at this at all. We do know a thing or two however. A clean mix is always the ultimate goal in the long run. Starting out clean helps keep the declutter at a minimum. It is always important to help make the job easy for the mix engineer. Never send a project to a mix guy with any audio channels labeled “audio”. That’s a huge NO NO. You do want your project to come out smooth and clean as possible right? If you said no, we don’t believe you.

Inside of Logic Pro X we are utilizing colors and rearranging instruments according to taste. Your taste may be different from ours but the concept is the same. Below is a video breakdown as to how we would prepare a song for the mixing process.

The Mix

In this video we spent some time showing you how we mix a Gospel song that was recorded using acoustic instruments. Most of the time you would see something like this mixed using ProTools. Not this time. We think Logic Pro X is as good as the other music softwares used. Check out the video below and see how we do.

We found an issue

After the mix, we found a problem frequency in the drums. Where exactly did we find this problem?How did we attack this problem? Wellll… We used a simple technique with Logic’s stock EQ. Want to see how we did? Check it out below.

Follow Gospel Multitrack below

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Learn more about our “How to produce a song” course.

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How To Produce A Song

How To Produce A Song

How To Produce A Song

The new course just arrived. The wait is now over. We’ve spent days and days to provide you with over 81 minutes of music production tips. Some of the things you will be learning is what all you need to produce a good song. It doesn’t take allot. Finding sounds that inspires you. Understanding why building a song structure is very important. We also share our stacking and blending sound technique. Allot of people still struggle with using Auxiliary channels which saves you some CPU, we got you on that as well. Oh and we also spent a little time in compression too.

See how much we love you?

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Automation in Logic Pro X

Automation in Logic Pro X

We’ve been asked several times on our YouTube channel how automation in Logic Pro works. So we uploaded a video showing how it works. Some make think it’s pointless but others see a benefit in knowing how to automate.

Automation Saves Power

Yes knowing how to automate your tracks does save CPU because it eliminates the need to have several tracks doing several things which can be done in on one track. This means less plugins and less audio streaming.