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SounddOUT Your Music

SounddOUT Your Music


We are proud to announce a new way to be discovered.

SounddOUT Your Music!

Our goal is to discover new and unique beats/ tracks thru our YouTube channel each week. If you got a dope beat, let’s hear?? it. Any style music is welcome. It’s our way of checking you out and connecting with more talented people.

Send your direct music links to [email protected] along with your producer, artist name and where you can be found (social links, website, etc.). We prefer direct links to soundcloud, bandcamp, etc. otherwise we will pick something random. If you need to send a mp3, we will play it anyways but no wav files.




If you do not have sample clearance for chopping popular copyright music, we like to stay away from it. Don’t want our channel shut down for this. Royalty free samples are ok.

Keep in mind, we will be live publicly. The live stream videos are archived each episode. We will not be responsible for the theft of your music, so make sure it’s protected. Send your music at your own risk.

We will announce the beat maker/ producer then play your music up to 1 min and give a chance for audience reaction. Sounds good? Let’s do this.

Tell all your friends it’s going down next Friday February 10, 2017. Get heard across the world.

Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day Sale

Get 50% Off during this Memorial Day Sale event.

If you wish to enhance your skills in music production, take advantage of these awesome courses at half the regular price. This sale is only good for one day if you use the code MEMORIAL2016. Happy Memorial Day!

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Free Drum Kit Contest

Free Drum Kit Contest

Free Drum Kit Contest!

On behalf of the Ksoundd team, we are giving away a free drum kit to an awesome winner. ?

We announced this contest during our 100th episode and wanted to create this opportunity amongst all of our awesome friends whether you live on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or Instagram. All you have to do is create a new post with the following elements, #ASU100 Just that simple. We are checking the feeds multiple times a day until May 26, 2016. Once the winner is picked, he/ she will be given the opportunity to create a dope song using the kit then upload to any publishing platform of choosing such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Band Camp, or likewise. These platforms are free so no worries. The winner will also be giving the chance to do a live interview with Elib discussing their techniques used when creating the song. Ready for exposure?

New Drum Kit Release

Something new and refreshing in music production. We are excited about our first drum kit requested by many people. We like to think that we are sound designers because of our techniques. We are currently designing the kit and will notify everyone when we release it. It’s coming very soon folks.

Who’s the BIG WINNER?

The winner will be announced during the next live Art Of Soundd show May 26, 2016. You want to make sure you are subscribed to this channel for updates on new videos and live streams. Ksoundd Def YouTubeOnce you are subscribed, turn on your notifications for this channel via your mobile YouTube app. We love to interact with our people. This is why we do what we do. Our live streams are based on the questions our subscribers ask during the live shows thru their mobile devices. Yes you can too. Why not? This would be extra special if you were the winner of this contest. Yup, make sure your notifications are on to watch live.

Contest Ends May 26th 9am Central Standard Time.

Schedule Your Calender. Watch Live!

Bring your drums because we’re going to need a drum roll when we release the winner.


Impact Pitch Bend- Toggle/ ADSR

Impact Pitch Bend- Toggle/ ADSR

Presonus Studio One Impact

Ever wondered how they get those Hi-Hats to change pitch in Hip-Hop? Don’t Sleep on Studio One Impact!

I spent a little time in Studio One messing around with Impact the other day, which is Studio One’s drum machine (similar to Akai MPC, Native Instruments Maschine Studio, or The Beat Thang). This plugin comes with every Studio One version, pretty basic yet still very useful. The features in ImpImpactact is pretty kool. Some of the things I love to do is first drag samples from my hard drive or from the “Loop” section in Studio One browser on to any pad. Yup, just that simple. After I drag my samples over, I can route them to their own separate channel or track as either stereo or mono for further processing. So if I need to add a compressor or reverb specifically to that channel I have that option. I also love playing around with the pitch feature as shown in the video above.

But somehow I’ve never managed to access the features located to the bottom of the plugin until this one particular song. My goal was to go after the ADSR (Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release) type functions I’m use to when working in Battery 4 or Maschine Studio. I discovered the toggle feature that works like the on/ off or cut-off type deal. The only thing different here is that you have to actually play the note or the sound you wish to record followed by the same note to cut it off. Or you can just simply use your mouse to insert your ideas in the piano roll.

Automating the pitch is a piece a cake. In the video I also talk briefly about how this works. Presonus has worked really hard to produce awesome tools and really easy to use.