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Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day Sale

Get 50% Off during this Memorial Day Sale event.

If you wish to enhance your skills in music production, take advantage of these awesome courses at half the regular price. This sale is only good for one day if you use the code MEMORIAL2016. Happy Memorial Day!

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Free Drum Kit Contest

Free Drum Kit Contest

Free Drum Kit Contest!

On behalf of the Ksoundd team, we are giving away a free drum kit to an awesome winner. ?

We announced this contest during our 100th episode and wanted to create this opportunity amongst all of our awesome friends whether you live on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, or Instagram. All you have to do is create a new post with the following elements, #ASU100 Just that simple. We are checking the feeds multiple times a day until May 26, 2016. Once the winner is picked, he/ she will be given the opportunity to create a dope song using the kit then upload to any publishing platform of choosing such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Band Camp, or likewise. These platforms are free so no worries. The winner will also be giving the chance to do a live interview with Elib discussing their techniques used when creating the song. Ready for exposure?

New Drum Kit Release

Something new and refreshing in music production. We are excited about our first drum kit requested by many people. We like to think that we are sound designers because of our techniques. We are currently designing the kit and will notify everyone when we release it. It’s coming very soon folks.

Who’s the BIG WINNER?

The winner will be announced during the next live Art Of Soundd show May 26, 2016. You want to make sure you are subscribed to this channel for updates on new videos and live streams. Ksoundd Def YouTubeOnce you are subscribed, turn on your notifications for this channel via your mobile YouTube app. We love to interact with our people. This is why we do what we do. Our live streams are based on the questions our subscribers ask during the live shows thru their mobile devices. Yes you can too. Why not? This would be extra special if you were the winner of this contest. Yup, make sure your notifications are on to watch live.

Contest Ends May 26th 9am Central Standard Time.

Schedule Your Calender. Watch Live!

Bring your drums because we’re going to need a drum roll when we release the winner.


Holiday Tutorial Sale

Holiday Tutorial Sale

Holiday Tutorial Sale Just For You!

Yes we were thinking about you and wanted you to enjoy our great Holiday offer to you. The lines are extra long at every store which means you don’t have to brush your teeth to grab this awesome deal. That’s right! All of our tutorials are on sale 50% off for the Holiday weekend.

Hurry up, click below and get 50% OFF each Tutorial.

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You must click the link in this blog to take advantage of this awesome holiday sale. Our gift to you! This is truly the best time of the year.

Introducing something new “Ask N Found”

Introducing something new “Ask N Found”

Just like the phrase “Lost And Found”, we are launching our own version called “Ask N Found”. It’s just our way of finding out what to address during our shows while saving you the embarrassment. If you have a question you wish to ask us, it may be Ask N Foundanswered live on our Art Of Soundd show each Thursday at 12noon CST. This new addition was inspired by our faithful live viewers on YouTube who struggle sometime with asking certain questions directly on our live stream. If you feel ashamed to ask us about something you think is too silly to ask, we still want to know. Your silly question may be that golden question that can help others thinking alike. Our goal is to only help you become a better person in music.

You’ll be surprised how much other people think just like you!

So ask away your awesome question.

Mixing Acoustic Drums in Studio One 3

Mixing Acoustic Drums in Studio One 3

Let’s talk about mixing acoustic drums in Studio One 3

“Mixing is an Art” as our good friend Johnny B. always say. On our Art of Soundd live show, mixing acoustic drums is the subject. The drums is the heart of the song so it must be recorded and mixed properly. There are many ways to achieve a good sound. We know a few ways to do so. Our focus is to show a few techniques we learned since the new DAW switch to Studio One 3. The Soundd Box.


Art Of Soundd Live Acoustic Drum Mixing 

From The Soundd Box USA

Live Event July 23, 2015 @ 12noon CST. Video also available as archive after the event.

Art Of Soundd Live Stream is Back

Art Of Soundd Live Stream is Back

We are back!

It’s been awhile since we streamed live from the Soundd Box with our Art of Soundd shows. July 16, 2015 is the day we make our come back at 12pm CST with more music production stuff and some really kool updates. Allot has happened since our last Live show. We started using Studio One 3 by Presonus and found a new workflow enhancement. We’ve uploaded several videos about our experience and what we thought would be helpful and love to share more with you even further. If you are interested in joining us during our live show event, please visit the event page and click the “Yes” button to join us. Watch us live on YouTubeBy doing this, it will alert you when that time comes via email or Google+ account if you have one.

Our shows are high interactive Q&A live YouTube streams. This means if you have any questions, you can ask them on the fly and we will answer them to the best of our knowledge.

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If you insist…

You can watch us live from this page on the day and time listed above. If you missed us, the video is archived.