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Maschine Studio Unboxing

Native Instruments retweeted Unboxing Maschine Studio

Unboxing Maschine Studio First of all we are super excited that our video reached beyond 10,000 views. Secondly Native Instruments them self retweeted our video and thought it was one of the coolest unboxing videos of their product. We can’t make this stuff up, read it for your self below. Taking #unboxing to new levels, @ksoundd […]

First 1,000 YouTube Subscribers

1,000 YouTube subscribers

We are proud to announce our first 1,000 YouTube subscribers. This is the first milestone reached for our YouTube channel. This insures us that we must keep doing what we love to do the most, and thats sharing musical tips and tricks via music production our way. Music is a language that everyone understand. Music […]

Maschine Studio

Simple Beat in Maschine Studio

Simple Beat in Maschine Studio Yes less is more. Sometimes your tune doesn’t need a bunch of things going on in it. The one thing you never want to do is clutter your song with a bunch of unnecessary sounds that could be used in a spread of  8 tunes. Now building this short simple […]

Social Icons

Social Media A Must Have

[embedvideo id="csW_7bq8bMw" website="youtube"]   Social Media A Must Have Because… it helps you collect fans and allow you to interact with your following.   No more the days where you have to pay a company all your earnings to be famous. No more the days where you have to wait until you are signed to […]

Music Series- Cover Videos

Why artists need cover videos?

Why does a new artist need cover videos? Well I’m glad you asked. My question to you is, who knows who you are besides mom, dad, sisters, and so forth? If you said your co-worker, keep reading because you just missed the point. Cover videos are designed to help you gain fans via subscription on […]

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