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im kjeih

Hey my name is KJeih, Founder and Senior Composer of Ksoundd Inc. The purpose of this site is to share really kool music tricks and techniques with novice to advance music producers, beat makers, and composers. I founded Ksoundd in 1998 with nothing more than a sequence keyboard and a pair of headphones in my bedroom. My reason behind this is the beautiful passion I had for helping people make their musical dreams come alive. At a young age I realized the talent I had as a business man and formed a team of people whom I shared my goals with which began building a buzz in Chicago Illinois. I released several songs on iTunes and Amazon as an independent company and gained good success in digital sales which can be viewed in the music store. I landed a placement with ESPN in 2013 with these couple of cues bellow after graduating from Full Sail University with my Bachelor of Science Degree: