Audio Production

Over 15 years experience in audio production, sound design, and sonic branding.

Mix & Master

Your song is not complete until it hit our system. Your masters are only as good as the mix. Trust us!

Graphic Art

Logos, Album Art, Club Pluggers, Business Cards, Facebook Twitter G+ and YouTube Banners.

Voice Over

Use our voice to get your point across for your Radio or TV commercial ads.

Fun Creative Ideas from KJeih

I use my iPad to start stuff

In most cases, my full studio is not available to me while shopping in Walmart or waiting for my flight at the airport. When a great song concept arrives, they come uninvited and don’t care about what’s going on at the moment. And that’s OK! I try being prepared usually by letting my iPad hang out with because would hate to loose a great idea. My go to app is iMaschine and with-in seconds I captured my idea. I also like using Garageband which depends on which method I like to complete my idea in later when I export it. Sometimes I just use my voice recorder app on my smart phone device. You have no excuse!

IMAS= iMaschine | GBD= Garageband | IPad= iPad


From the blog

New production series just getting started

The New Production Series Just Getting Started Have you ever felt like music these days are more and more less effort. Music is no longer coming from real creativity. Everyone has access to musical equipment and the first sound they hear after connecting the USB cable to the computer gets rammed on Soundcloud, Facebook, YouTube […]

How to produce a good song- Event Design

How to produce a good song- Series

How to produce a good song- Series We are very excited about sharing our expertise in what we love and passionate about. We’ve been recording music from top to bottom for many years including errors that make us better at what we do. We keep a close eye on what’s going on in our music […]


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